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Infrared heating panel bedrooms, living room, dining room

16/08/16 0 Bình luận
Infrared heating panel bedrooms, living room, dining room
Infrared heater panel Navado


Navado infrared heater panels bring you a new experience in winter. In the cold winter days, you feel warm as the sun's rays in your home What kind of conventional heating, creating dry room air and hot gases do not accumulate dust and gas are very uncomfortable. Navado with infrared heater panels warm the room like natural sunlight, heat is stored and spread everywhere in the room, it is not only good for health it also prevent mold on the walls.
With ultra-thin design roots settings, contacts can easily warm the entire room, with any change of weather, and now winter is convenient for infrared heating Navado. Heater panel is very save electricity, only use 250W - 450W it can heat an entire room as inexpensive heating oil or other electric heating.Heater panel Navado can install clean and simple with just a plug in, pretty neat as and when wall mounted with plate. Let experience with infrared heater panels Navado.

NMSX: Industrial Cluster Navado - Hiep Thuan complex - Hanoi
Address: House No. 5/33/100 Hoang Quoc Vietnam - Hanoi
Phone: 04.62953584 Hotline: 0978 977 713

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