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Navado bathroom heater lamps - Power consumption, Easy use.

16/08/16 0 Bình luận
Navadobathroom heater lamps - Power consumption, Easy use.
Navado bathroom heater lamps - Less power consumption, Easy use

Lamps infrared heating should not shine as ball lighting and warm the body immediately. Means it just lights bathing and don't need to wait for air warm when you take bath in the winter.World trend is using the bathroom heater lamps in the household, especially the elderly and families have young children.

The number of orders of the bathroom heater lamps companies has risen dramatically. In addition to consuming less power, the advanced of these lamps is also attracting more attention of users. Due to heating lamps use infrared rays so it don't make skin dry, don't burn oxygen. Infrared light rays focus electromagnetic infrared illumination to the body caused the reaction physics, chemistry to treat disease: pain, swelling, edema, bruising, purple, arthritis, gout, hypertension, tired....In addition, also enhance metabolism, stimulate cell growth, stimulate blood circulation - quickly recharge.

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